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"chairs are fascinating because they address both physiology and fashion. they represent an effort to balance multiple concerns: artistry, status, gravity, construction and comfort."

chair connects culture. there is always a conversation to be shared on the topic of chairs, chairs are people if you think about it.
the kanji for chair in japanese means strange wood child 椅 =木 wood 奇 strange. 椅子は人です

chairs are people is the study of still life bringing together a curation of chairs for the process of experimenting.

an empty chair is a space for possibility.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
and Chairsarepeople Present:

In-Home Activation
“I was tasked by the MFAH to present my idea "chairsarepeople" (during the pandemic) to the people who registered. this encompasses several short clips of my step to step process in stacking chairs.”
2020, May 5th. Houston, Texas. Apartment.

Chairs Are People
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