Starting out as a photographer and filmmaker, Cary Fagan was drawn to analogue film at a moment when the rise of digital technology seemed unstoppable. Known for his contributions to for Solange’s visual album “When I Get Home” (2019) and for shooting the

critically-acclaimed album cover of A$AP Rocky’s “Testing” (2018), Fagan is an artist whose work transcends the boundaries of any one artistic form. His explorations into notions of time, memory, and how we form connections with one another have segued into another medium –– sculpture. A curiosity about the anthropomorphic characteristics of chairs led Fagan to what he calls ‘chair sculpting’.

His current project Chairs Are People is a meditation on how to move within uncertainty. Distilled from his personal experiences and explorations during the residency at Arts ITOYA (Japan), Chairs Are People invites us to surrender to discomfort by building bridges into the impossible. To stack chairs, you need more than one chair; to build dreams, you need the support of people around you.

Based in Houston, Cary Fagan is an artist whose work transcends the boundaries of any one artistic formThese experimental sculptures resulted in a life-changing residency at Arts Itoya in Takeo, Japan (2019), an exhibition at the Numeroventi artist residence in Florence, Italy (2019), and a takeover of MFA Houston’s Instagram page (2020). In June 2020, Chairs Are People was registered with a trademark; as Cary puts it, “an empty chair is a space for possibility.”


Chairs Are People
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