Chairs Are People ® Design Campaign
Visualized: May 17th, 2020, 16:09 PM
Designer: Cary Fagan

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“Honestly from the small figurines you showed me to seeing the completed piece, it has been quite challenging! But it was truly significant to collaborate with someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about design and just the act of creating in general. Nothing stopped you from materializing your vision, and that’s everything I admire and root for, imagining new possibles, and seeing how with dedication they become realities “ 

Had a sit down with my chair design last night. we spoke about the journey of creation, and how no matter what, anything is possible. - to give you perspective, during the pandemic lockdown, i tested creativity. i made this design in five minutes from pipe cleaner.

with this new design, i took to @instagram and sought out individuals who would be interested in hearing what i had created and how far i wanted to take design… two years later we sit face to face.

i do not have a name for this design yet, but i do have a theory.. if i believe #chairsarepeople i do not believe giving this chair a seat would fulfill the prophecy. you see, we are having a conversation.. you can see the chemistry we share.

If i think chairs are people then giving this a seat would make it just a chair.

the bigger picture from all of this is to present this piece is spaces; and show the process on what it takes to make something with little experience. how far the process can be taken with a little belief.

your feedback is very important to me, the good and the bad - it is that which will allow me to continue testing design and the limits of my imagination.
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Chairs Are People ® Design Campaign: Reveal

my first interaction with the chair; to give some back story this chair was produced in montreal. @soldatsansfrontieres and I held many meetings in 2020 to figure out how this design was going to be accomplished. I will be sharing more of the process on
Video shot on #fujifilmxt3 @fujifilmx_us

I own over 40 chairs in my apartment, during the pandemic i thought to myself “what if i designed my own chair...” so one day, i purchased some pipecleaner and came up with this design inspired by two of the chairs i own. This whole process has taken just about two years. 

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