Meet Wisdom Kaye, the Fashionable TikToker Turned IMG Model
By Tiana Reed

Welcome to Fashion In Flux, a look at how the last year has changed the fashion industry — including how its creatives are coping, innovating, and moving forward. In this story, we talk with model Wisdom Kaye who is known for his fashionable Tiktoks and as a result, got signed to IMG last year.

Photo No-Nos’ Online Variety Show:
Hosted By Jason Fulford.

Join us for a special, one-of-a-kind online variety show hosted by photographer Jason Fulford,  as we celebrate the release of the new book Photo No-Nos: Meditations on What Not to Photograph (Aperture, 2021). During this event, artists from around the world—contributors to the book—will present ideas, thoughts, jokes, dreams, and more.Featuring, in order of appearance: Manal Abu-Shaheen Cary Fagan September Dawn Bottoms Rein Jelle Terpstra Priyadarshini Ravichandran & Karthik Subramanian Cristina De Middel Duane Michals Cary Fagan Sheung Yiu Sinna Nasseri Lacey Lennon Corin Hewitt Bruno Munari Cary Fagan Purchase a copy of "Photo No-Nos" on today!

Chairs are People presents: 15 Ways to Wear a Chair (Promotional Video)

Behind the scenes,
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Soundtrack by: Deerwasawolf

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Intrdocution and His Many Ventures: Cary Fagan
by Victoria Hernandez

“On this episode of Overly Conversated Overtime (OC:OT), we chop it up with all-around creative Cary Fagan. The Houston-based photographer shot the cover art for A$AP Rocky's "Testing" album (a project that is a hot topic on our show) as well as visuals for Solange's "When I Get Home." He challenges himself to stay inventive, including selling his work as puzzles (which have been very popular during quarantine), building chair sculptures through his Chairs Are People campaign and more.”

NUMEROVENTI IN RESIDENCE: OpenHouse Magazine x Numeroventi
by: Daniel Civetta

“each chair reborn, into a different form, shape and concept. How long were they going to last? No one really knew, however what I did know was that every time I happened to walk past one, time suddenly stood still. Every once in a while I’d step out of the studio, and run into Cary in the courtyard, perpetually moving from one chair to another, sometimes sitting one of them for countless minutes… dwelling. It felt like an orchestrated act, he made the space his stage.

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Identity Magainze: “In/animate Objects”
by Aidan Imanova

“Stackable chairs are a common notion among designers and manufacturers, a feature created for flexibility and portability. Some of world’s most famous chairs feature a stackable design, from Eames’ Molded Plastic Stacking Side Chair and Kartell’s Master Chair to Alvar Aalto's iconic Stool 60 for Artek. For Houston-based chair stacking artist and photographer, Cary Fagan, the process of stacking chairs is less functional, and more about the practice and exploration.” - Aidan Nova

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Chairs Are People: Petition.

"I share Fagan’s novel recognition that products we use daily, connect us with cultures far away. Everyday objects unite us. Consider the many variations of a coke, a writing pen, a coffee cup around the globe — different shapes, sizes, labels, branding, and personalities — same function, same product. This realization led me to create a cultural exploration blog titled Myriad United, years ago. So when I saw Fagan’s petition, I immediately was drawn to his activism. My legal training made me consider how we could implement the emoji change." - Garret Auzenne

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