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"chairs are fascinating because they address both physiology and fashion. they represent an effort to balance multiple concerns: artistry, status, gravity, construction and comfort."

chair connects culture. there is always a conversation to be shared on the topic of chairs, chairs are people if you think about it.
the kanji for chair in japanese means strange wood child 椅 =木 wood 奇 strange. 椅子は人です

chairs are people is the study of still life bringing together a curation of chairs for the process of experimenting.

an empty chair is a space for possibility.

Teen Vogue: Wisdm Kaye

Photography: Cary Fagan
Stylist: Joshua Allen
Production: Miranda Cocina
Groomer: Mistry Rockwell
Set Design: Chairsarepeople
“Chances are you've come across @wisdm. In our latest installment of #FashionInFlux, get to know the 20-year-old Houston native who is taking the platform—and fashion world—by storm”

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2021. Houston, Tx. Teen Vogue. 

Human Vs Chair;

an interactive exhibition hosted by Cary Fagan, Евгений Комухин, and Space Place Gallery
Location: Space Place Gallery,
Nizhny Tagil, Russia.
“The intention was to introduce viewers to a new form of meditation; the conversation between human and object. with little to no direction; my performance with the asia society plays in the background while the room is left for interpretation. #chairsarepeople
2021. Space Place Gallery, Nizhny Tagil, Russia. April

Empty Fountain - 15 minute Sculpture


Perspective by Alex Espejo
2021. Houston, Tx. Early March, Spring.

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