Pending Proposal:

BWNA or Black With No Agenda by Multidisciplinary Artist Cary Fagan.

BWNA is an attempt to create space and visibility for Black artists. Established in 2018, Cary Fagan presents a collection of 60-100 chairs united, and intricately stacked into a conceptual sculpture. Cary Fagan plans to test what he calls The graph of humanity. This graph symbolizes the result of an artist who thought of leaving Houston to seek greater support. A chair is an object that is easily recognizable and relatable, each chair representing a member within a community. This work is an attempt to explore the concept of disruption, or the manipulation of space. Disruption is the unspoken voice, to cause disruption is to be heard. “I plan to survey artists within the city/community to gather their thoughts on their journey being based in houston.”

“Dirupstor of time and space.
A baby cries for their mother,
degree of manipulation”

The process continues either way… the message can, or will not be interpreted, that is up to the viewer.


Chairs Are People
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